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About AcelaWorks

AcelaWorks is established as the partner of choice for delivering world-class Internet-of-Thing and Machine to Machine solutions. AcelaWorks provides services spanning the entire product development life cycle - from idea to market - covering both embedded system development, Enterprise analytics and cloud analytics solutions.


AcelaWorks management will build on AcelaWorks FZE's brand and technical reputation to become the market leader across EMEA region in the embedded system engineering services from concept planning through to completion, with highly skilled professional team working together, using leading technologies and practical experience.

What we do


Mobile and wearable

With the advent of mobile devices and wearable, leveraging innovative and highly functional mobile technologies to reshape the consumer/enterprise relationship and raising the stakes for new applications.


Internet of Things

With every conceivable consumer and business device having connectivity to the internet. Give us huge amounts of devices and data which require applications and systems that permit to access valuable information and systems.


Engineering Service

Embedded engineering services hub for bridging the original design manufacturer (ODM) capabilities with local client’ product specification and branding.

Where to meet ?

Dubai Silicon Oasis - DTEC
Dubai, UAE

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